NBA 2K19 beefs up that will both impress and overwhelm you

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Are you ready for what could turn out to be the hottest debate this NBA 2K season? It seems 2K is hinting at the return of archetypes in NBA 2K20. You can take this recent Ja-Morant-themed tweet as a bread crumb, or a joke, but I'm inclined to believe it's the former. MyTeam is one of the bright spots within the NBA 2K19 universe this year. It's not surprising as one of 2K senior producers Erick Boenisch devoted a lot of his time to improving the mode.

Finally, there is a Pink Diamond LeBron James available in NBA 2K19 MyTeam, and it is predictably powerful. The 97-rated James was revealed on Friday along with a 97-rated Pink Diamond Scottie Pippen, a 95-rated Diamond Kawhi Leonard, 92-rated Amethyst Anderson Varejao, and an 89-rated Ruby Damon Jones.  Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo excels in a variety of areas on the court, one of the NBA most versatile players. So it’s fitting that he’s on the cover of NBA 2K19, a basketball video game that places supreme effort into being a versatile basketball game. Hamidou Diallo leaped over Shaquille O'Neal on Saturday night at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and landed with a new Diamond card in NBA 2K19 MyTeam mode.

 I'm pretty good at NBA 2K19, but not what I'd call an elite player. Thus I was a little on guard when I took aim at the new MyTeam Steph Curry Under Armour Ruin The Game Challenge. The new challenge which awards you NBA 2K19 MyTeam Coins for completion, charges you with beating a team filled with Pink Diamond Steph Curry. Why is this going to be a hot-button issue? It's simple. Back in 2015-16 with the release and life cycle of NBA 2K16, there were rampant complaints about what the community called Demigods. To put it plainly, a demigod in 2K speak is an overpowered character. Some users were creating players well over 7-feet tall with skills never before seen in NBA stars that size.

2K employs some stellar developers, engineers, and creative minds, but Boenisch is something special. The magic he's worked with the game's franchise modes (MyGM and MyLeague, though the latter's online version has been touch and go) has been exemplary. You could make an argument the Pippen card is just as valuable as the King's, but it's James card being pushed as the prize of the new 20th Anniversary Signature Series. The latest iteration of basketball’s preeminent video game places continues to deliver stellar action on the hardwood. But it’s the little things that 2K19 beefs up that will both impress and overwhelm you, even if things are occasionally buggy. Last year’s 2K19 let you play mad scientist with overloaded teams of all-time greats. This year, things ascend to another level.

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