Overwatch is Blizzard first attempt at the shooter genre

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Overwatch also encourages players to experiment and get to know the various characters, with an eye on matching a hero strengths to a gamer own preferred style of play. You can, for instance, be focused on healing, buffing up and defending your teammates rather than taking aim at an opponent  noggin. Each role can potentially be the key to winning the day. 


The real strength of Overwatch though, is its roster of characters. Borrowing a leaf out of the world of MOBA's, Overwatch offers the player twenty-one varied, unique and markedly different heroes, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Roadhog for instance is a hulking tank, slow and lumbering but able to absorb lots of damage. Reaper on the other hand is a close combat specialist that is deadly close up but a sitting duck for snipers perched far away.


Overwatch is a FPS/MOBA hybrid. The game is played in multiplayer matches where each team is trying to attack and hold a point, escort or intercept a moving vehicle, or attacking or defending a series of checkpoints. That approach to tackling a new genre is exactly what you’d expect from developer Blizzard, and the secret behind the success of games such as Warcraft and Diablo. It’s not that Overwatch is lacking in unique features, but its goal is clearly not to reinvent the wheel but instead make it the best designed and most accessible one you’ve ever seen. 


Blizzard has clearly wrestled with exactly how to pitch the game though, and until relatively recently they were still unsure whether this was going to be a normal full price release or a free-to-play game. And indeed Overwatch most significant flaw is that it does feel very much like the latter, even though it is £55. There is no story campaign, relatively few multiplayer modes, and (entirely cosmetic) microtransactions. After what feels like a decade in the pipeline, Blizzard Entertainment debut first-person shooter, Overwatch, has finally opened its doors to the public. 


After accumulating my fair share of time on Overwatch glitzy battlefield, it's not only transpired to be a welcome addition to Blizzard line-up, but one of the most gratifying multiplayer shooters of this generation. Overwatch is Blizzard first attempt at the shooter genre, and their first new property in nearly two decades. Taking objective elements from games like Team Fortress 2 and the idea of heroes and abilities from MOBAs, the game attempts a new fusion that the creators are calling a hero shooter. You can get fast & reliable Overwatch Boost services from boostingvip.com.

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