Mafia City H5: The underworld of the Northeast past 20

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Each round centers around two players in two government roles: The President and the Chancellor. The President title moves around the table each round. The current President player nominates a Chancellor, then everyone votes. The President’s nominee only becomes Chancellor if they’re voted in by a majority. After that, the Chancellor is in office for the round and can pass a policy chosen from two policy cards given to him or her by the President. Secret Hitler, A Fascist Party Game That Hits Awfully Close To Home

Your ability to enjoy the tabletop game Secret Hitler will likely depend on your ability to laugh as an increasingly impotent progressive coalition fails to halt the rise of fascism. No but seriously, it’s a fun mafia game.

mafia city h5

Secret Hitler is brought to us by a number of designers including Cards Against Humanity’s Max Temkin. It’s a party game for five to ten people, one of a rising number of tabletop games built around plotting, deception, and manipulation. It borrows heavily from Don Eskridge’s terrific The Resistance, as well as other “You think I’m this but I’m actually this” games like Battlestar Galactica and Mafia. I played a few games with some friends over the weekend and we had a very good, shouty time.

Secret Hitler production was fundedvia Kickstarter back in 2015, so you can just buy a boxed copy if you’d like. However, just as with Cards Against Humanity, the game’s creators encourageyou to print out the cards and rules and make your own set. (Our friends took the latter option, with a variant I’ll discuss in a moment.)
Before the game, players are dealt face-down cards that divide them into two teams, Fascists and Liberals. One Fascist player is Hitler. The non-Hitler Fascists are allowed to covertly identify the other Fascists as well as Hitler, so they have all the information. The Liberals outnumber the Fascists, but at the start of the game they don’t know who’s who. Hitler also doesn’t know who’s a Fascist or who’s a Liberal, so he or she wants to identify the other Fascists without tipping anyone off.

I’ll summarize the rest of the rules below, but if you want a full rundown, here’s a tutorial narrated by the Internet’s Wil Wheaton

Mafia City official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲H5, thank you!

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