Three Tips Help Self Checking You Car Antai Brakes

Both sides of each brake pad has a raised flag, this flag is about the thickness of twenty-three mm, which is the thinnest brake disc replacement limit, if the thickness of the brake pads have been parallel with this flag, it must be replaced.

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To ensure traffic safety, we must conserve brake system and the conservation of the final analysis, the two Auto Brake and brake fluid, since the car's braking power accounted for most of them. So, how do we treat determines the braking effect of two key - brake pads and brake oil it?

Regardless of any brake system are ultimately the brakes (disc) or brake shoes (drum) complete braking action, and therefore to regularly check the thickness of the brake pads or brake shoes tablets. When they find it close to or less than the thickness of the minimum thickness specified by the manufacturer, should be replaced immediately. Check the brakes at the same time, also check the brakes or brake drum wear, such as contact with the surface of dents, must promptly optical disc or drum brakes to ensure the contact area improve braking force.

Today, not only car means of transport, but also a lot of people's life partner, many friends like to play in the spare car pondering car. There are even some friends do not understand the car, but also hope to get more knowledge of the car through the car experience, the use of this knowledge to check their vehicles. Self-Test tips through some brief hope whatever, so that owners can not even replace or repair it yourself, but also more timely understanding of vehicle information, in the case of not readily get professional examination, self-examination and judgment method vehicle minor problems .

First, See The Thickness

A new brake pad thickness around 1.5cm, the use of constant friction with the thickness gradually thinning. Professional technical staff recommends that when the thickness of the brake pads have been visually observed remaining 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm) when about owner will increase the self-test frequency, ready to be replaced. Of course, individual models due to the wheel design reasons, do not have the conditions for the naked eye to see, the tires need to be removed to complete. Both sides of each brake pad has a raised flag, this flag is about the thickness of twenty-three mm, which is the thinnest brake disc replacement limit, if the thickness of the brake pads have been parallel with this flag, it must be replaced. Thus, when the thickness of the brake pads closer to this mark when the owner must always observe the ready, but without removing the tire is difficult to accurately observed by the naked eye, there are many models in the brakes too thin instruments will handbrake lamp position The prompt, relatively self-test on convenience.

Brake pad replacement intervals are not strictly based on the car environment and driving habits, usually traveling about sixty thousand kilometers should consider replacing. When visually observed thinner when brakes should be required at the time of maintenance technicians to check the naked eye it would have been because there is an error, the professional repair station by the caliper more stringent than visual observation of some.

Second, Listen to the Sound

If accompanied by a "rub iron iron" tap the brakes at the same time the slightest sound, then the brakes must be replaced immediately. Because the brakes on both sides of the limit logo has direct friction brakes, brake pads have been proven over the limit. In such cases, replace the brake pads in the same time to check with the brakes, the sound often occurs brakes have been damaged, then even if the replacement of the brake pads are still not eliminate the noise, serious need to replace the brakes .

When a voice heard when the brake is often already too late, when the brakes more or less damaged. Brake disc brake pads for a higher price compared to many, it is recommended that you ground inspection of brake pads, brake discs things appear to avoid damage.

Third, Feel the Intensity

When the brakes thinning our braking effect will be affected at this time need a deeper brake pedal in order to achieve the original light step on the brake effect can be achieved, significantly reduced braking effect before the half, many people feel their Brake softened, a little not brake, and then we must check whether the check brake pads need to be replaced.

This method is relatively abstract, the feel may be some good grasp, and therefore to develop a good habit of self-test is very important. Further reducing the braking effect will lead to brake oil consumption increases, so replace the brake pads Check the brake at the same time to focus on the oil.

Finally if you find handbrake braking efficiency or sensitivity is not ideal, usually by adjusting the handbrake operating copper to resolve. Handbrake handle in the bottom of the copper connection (usually covered by the interiors) has an adjustable compensation mechanism, loosen the lock nut with a wrench, you can stretch the length of copper brake.

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