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King Roald has taken matters into his own hands and has commissioned a network of beacons to be built across the land, from the Temple of Paterdomus at the border of Morytania, along the northern borders of Misthalin and Asgarnia and up along the western border of the Wilderness.Buy Runescape 2007 Gold for OSRS All Fired Up Quest Guide.

To start this quest, go to Varrock castle and speak to King Roald. The King tells you that Morytania and the Wilderness are becoming a bigger threat to the southern areas. For quick communication between the southern areas, they have set up light beacons, which the King asks you to check out.

He asks you to talk with Blaze Sharpeye, who is located by the River Salve, south of the Temple of Paterdomus. Before you leave, take as many logs with you as you can, because you will need 45 logs in a place that is quite far from any banks. A tinderbox is needed for this part and a woodcutting axe is recommended. You can either walk there or use Kharyrll (Canifis) teleport which shortens your trip.

Either bank for another 20 logs or cut them from the trees in the area and head to Squire Fyre's beacon, which is found up the stone steps on the West side of the Odd Old Man's camp. Once there, talk to her and she will tell you to light the beacon. Add the logs and light it, then head back to Blaze Sharpeye.

All of the beacons are marked on the world map with a beacon sign which is easily identifiable as it looks exactly like the first beacon. Make your way to the beacon northwest of you, through the area where the Rag and Bone Man quest start point is. Light this beacon the same way as the last one and talk to Squire Fyre. She tells you to report back to Blaze Sharpeye.

Meanwhile, the first beacon's fire has become smaller, so you need 5 more logs to make it burn more intensively. After doing that talk to Blaze again who tells you to talk to King Roald.

Make your way back to Varrock and speak to him to receive a reward. After this he also tells you about the new Activity and the rewards. RSgoldonline is your best site to Buy RS 2007 Gold.

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