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Maybe I'd be better served pointing to RS gold  other, older revamps, such as Mushroom Kingdom, that similarly got a brand new narrative for no specific reason, but seems like it had a little more work put in, imo. Or Korean Folk Town and Mushroom Shrine which had some pretty beefy narrative content added to them that sounded pretty good to me. Can't recall much about the first versions of these two, but the fluctuations seemed significant.


Anyhow, it's all just my opinion. I never found FTW interesting, and that I feel like this particular revamp did less for FTW than any of the revamps did for theirs. I certainly can't speak for anyone else about the situation. I just hope that if Florina Beach, Tera Forest, or even Chryse ever get their black chains off the world map, their revamps are of quality of the others, rather than what FTW got.


Ok, whatever you like the new theme or not, it's just here, so men, let us try the new theme now and then we can make a desion hwether it's the theme that we love and anticipate! And should you need some maplestory 2 mesos, just visit MMOak, we will help you and offer you support in match.A theme park was being explored by the first story, this one is. . .help some dude you do not know get some as. . .reasons?


Out of trying to scare some woman runescape 2018  senseless on the rides, it doesn't even really have anything related to the theme park .The older questline had personalities included, doing different things because you researched the park to acquire mesos as rewards. The brand new one mainly just has this loser squirrel dude trying and failing to get a nut, except for some love-hating dude popping out of nowhere at the end for some reason?

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