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And money -- incomprehensible sums of cash is being made by Tencent. Thanks to its enormous investments in internet services and its complete dominance RuneScape gold  over matches in China, Tencent is making more than most other game publishers combined. From snatching up portions of the publishers that hasn't stopped Tencent. The mega-conglomerate has a bet in Activision and publishes EA's and both Activision's games in China.


The magnitude of Tencent's investments is difficult to wrap one's head around. Ever play Clash of all Clans? Its programmer, Supercell, belongs to Tencent. And what about League of Legends? Riot Games and its ~2,500 staff are all Tencent workers. Before this season, when Ubisoft eventually fended off Vivendi's attempt at a hostile takeover, guess which improbable savior offered a significant investment?


I believe by now you understand the answer.And now, thanks to this week's investment in Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games, Tencent only got a tiny bit bigger. In 20 years, it will own all.In our two Path of Exile articles we talked about the Atlas in general, and also how to form it. In this guide we talk about the most confusing -- and potentially most important -- part of the Atlas: Sextants.Sextants are a completely optional area of the sport, and each one you use is very valuable. This usually means you have to be certain you're using them correctly.


Sextants are, by many people's opinions, a noob trap. Sextants are the experience in the sport, much outclassing whatever else. When you hear that, you might go out and RSGOLDFAST  put Sextants on your own Atlas, run several maps, not actually see a difference, and waste a good deal of money in the procedure. Here's a guide on how not to do that.



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