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Abilities are even easier. Abilities give Pokmon passive abilities, but they important and can be game buy runescape 2007 gold changers during close battles. Let use Zubat as an example. It has two possible abilities: Inner Focus and Infiltrator, a hidden ability. In order to breed a Zubat that has its hidden ability, you need to have a Zubat with Infiltrator to start with. If it a male,

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breed it with a Ditto until you have a female with Infiltrator. If it a female, put it with a male Zubat, and resulting eggs will have a 60 percent chance of having the hidden ability. Those that don will have Inner Focus. If you don want the hidden ability, breed two Zubat that only have Inner Focus, and all offspring will have Inner Focus. The thing is, hidden abilities are usually better than regular ones, so keep that in mind.

IVs are probably the most confusing aspect of Pokmon breeding. Basically, when an egg hatches, the Pokmon has hidden values for all six of its stats. Each stat has a buried value ranging from zero to 31, with zero being terrible and 31 being the best. For instance, a Dragonite with zero in Speed can never be as fast as a Dragonite with 31 IVs in Speed, if they both trained the same way.

For this reason, most breeders try to breed Pokmon with at least five perfect IVs. Parents typically pass on three IVs between the two of them to their offspring and the remaining three are rolled off randomly, but there a way to force parents to pass on five IVs: the Destiny Knot. As you breed and get Pokmon with perfect IVs, put them in the daycare.

Eventually, you have two Pokmon that have the five perfect stats you want between them. Give one a Destiny Knot and the other an Everstone (assuming it has the desired nature). Eventually you get a Pokmon with five perfect IVs, the correct nature and, if you lucky, the desired ability. Congrats! You just bred a perfect Pokmon.

Game Freak has made it easier than ever to hatch eggs with its endless path on the Battle Resort, the Destiny Knot and IV judge. I given you everything you need to start breeding, but click the links above for even more in depth guides. Now go queue up some Netflix and get breeding!

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