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Finally, during the Watchtower stream it was revealed that there will be some changes to the osrs gold Multiverse reward system for those looking to grab more Skins and Abilities. The former are various color pallets that can give your fighter a different look or completely change their design such as the Mr. Freeze skin for Captain Cold. Abilities on the other hand directly affect the fighter they tied to,

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The main crux of the Red Hood Special Moves is his dual pistols, landmines, grenades, and his throwing weapon known as Gotham Stars. While the former is mainly used to disengage from combos or end them, it the latter that make up the majority of his projectile attacks. These stars can be thrown either straight on or up in the air to stop people from jumping in for an attack. This is also useful for when you wall bounce opponents,

Red Hood can also use mines, which can be thrown at long, mid, and close range depending on the command. When an enemy steps on this item they will explode, causing damage and launching your foe up into the air. These are perfect combo starters as it leaves your opponent helpless and lets you pour on the damage. Grenades also pop up opponents if they connect, allowing you to start a powerful string of attacks.

Character Powers are special abilities tied to each hero and villain in Injustice 2 that give them unique approach options that no other character possess. Red Hood is a combat stance called Going Ballistic and it allows him to electrify the butts of his guns, turning them into pseudo tasers. Once in the Going Ballistic stance,

players can perform a powerful string of attacks that can end either in a high attack, mid attack, or throw. This power is also fantastic for forcing opponents back if they are blocking and Red Hood can even fire his guns when he switches out of Going Ballistic.as the Gotham Stars can be a nice follow up attack to catch them in the air.3. His Style is Based Around High Risk vs. High Reward

During the demonstration, players were able to see just how complex and powerful this fighter can be in the right hands. Many of his strings can deal some serious damage, however, if players do not commit to these attacks it will leave him wide open. Red Hood is a powerful mid rangefighter that has some serious range on many of his normal moves,

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