Introduction to types of Raised Floor Round Grommet

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Common Raised Floor Round Grommet include V-shaped groove, U-shaped groove, R-shaped groove and arc edge. What are V-shaped groove, U-shaped groove, R-shaped groove and arc edge? Europa's small floor braid will tell you.

The part formed by the joint of two floor chamfers is called notch.

V-shaped groove refers to the V-shaped groove formed at the joint from the side;

U-shaped groove is an improved version of V-shaped groove, which is different from V-shaped groove in that the chamfer is not a straight section, but a certain gap is left at the bottom of V-shaped groove;

The R-groove is the arc edge, and the chamfering is pressed into arc shape. The larger arc is called large arc, and the smaller arc is called small arc. In general, notches bring a three-dimensional sense to the floor, making the laminate look more beautiful.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of V-groove, U-groove, R-groove and arc edge?

V-groove is the first generation of notch type, which is simple in technology and can be made of slotting mechanical hardness. There is a bad place is that the bottom of the V-groove is easy to accumulate dust. If it is used for a long time, there will be a "black seam" phenomenon, forming an ugly black edge at the floor notch. At the same time, the chamfered V-groove is not wear-resistant.

U-shaped groove and arc edge need to be pressed by molding equipment. The bottom of U-shaped groove is wider than that of V-shaped groove. It is more convenient to clean, and there will be no black seam. The arc edge not only has the advantages of U-shaped groove, but also looks beautiful, and has good refraction effect on light. We are now using a large arc R-groove, a stronger sense of three-dimensional, better waterproof performance.

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