Eredi Baitelli: with Matteo aim to the future

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Eredi Baitelli metal turning services

Matteo Baitelli is the third generation both in the Baitelli’s family and in leading Eredi Baitelli company: Eredi Baitelli is an Italian company, top quality in the world.


Eredi Baitelli is a family business placed in Brescia that deals with high precision metal turning since 1945.

In all these years the Baitelli family has built a solid and reliable company that it has conquered the most major international markets and opened branch offices around the world: United States, Monaco of Bavaria, S. Paulo in Brazil. 

Having conquered the major European countries such as Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland now Eredi Baitelli company is being able to establish itself in new markets such as Russia and Brazil. 

Eredi Baitelli provides the customer with own professional skills and high quality standards that distinguish the work of this metal turning company. Eredi Baitelli: ad hoc solutions in metal turning on the specific characteristics of each project/design. 

Time to time the company is transformed and adapts itself to the customers needs to ensure them maximum satisfaction.

In the Eredi Baitelli corporate context overlooks Matteo Baitelli, a young scion of 24 years, who is forming at the University of Economics in Brescia to attain a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Matteo Baitelli is a young man practical and fully aware of the reality of things: he knows very well that academic preparation is not enough to prepare young people for real jobs in the company and for this reason he’s gradually entering in Eredi Baitelli company taking full advantage of his free time by university commitments.

In Eredi Baitelli Matteo started from the last rung doing the manual labor of the worker and then gradually continue in a growth path that it’is preparing him for the direction and management of the family business.

 Eredi Baitelli - Matteo Baitelli


As many youth, Matteo Baitelli is technology enthusiast (PCs and smartphones) and is trying in this case too to combine work and passion working with a technology store and managing blog and Youtube channel.

And here some important personality traits of the young Matteo Baitelli emerge:

  • practical and concrete mind confirmed by his occupational activities and by the preference for university subjects with immediate practical feedback in the reality; 
  • passion in work that is clear from the tendency to turn his great passions in work and by the myth of Matteo Baitelli, Valentino Rossi.


Matteo Baitelli likes Valentino Rossi for how he is and for what he does, because he became famous when he was a kid and so he is always remained, to thine own self be true and down-to-earth, symbol of those who have been able to find their own way with fun and passion.

Maybe Matteo Baitelli is a young man advantaged in life by having a family company (Eredi Baitelli) where to find his way, but he is also a well-built down-to-earth guy: he knows well that the path to get to the management of the company is long and has outlook on life simple and realistic.


Matteo Baitelli, future of the Eredi Baitelli company, is officially engaged since 5 ½ years with a graduate in nursing girl with whom it intends start a family.

When asked how he sees himself in 5 years, Matteo Baitelli replied: "I see myself with a family: married, with a son. With a role and a more defined position in Eredi Baitelli alongside professionals who currently manage it." And in 10 years?

"With one more child. Gradually take over the family company Eredi Baitelli learning to manage the various functions (purchasing, production, sales, administration, ...) and get to handle most of the activities in the direction of the company. "


Matteo intends to continue with the philosophy and the approach that the current management has so far favored in Eredi Baitelli: German style, neat and pragmatic.

Matteo admits he cannot bear fake people who operate in secret and intends to contribute to bringing those who Matteo identifies as its strengths in Eredi Baitelli: sincerity, professionalism and determination.


"I am a boy of few words but at the same time I listen to a lot."

Matteo Baitelli, a simple guy, young, which will play a responsability role at the helm of the family business Eredi Baitelli knows that he has much to learn and he is ready to roll up his sleeves and work hard to grow and improve himself: on the work, within the responsibility, about business experiences as well as on a personal level.


He doesn’t call himself a superhero and does not have the attitude to be "daddy's boy already fulfilled"; confesses that he would like to be less shy with people he does not know and feels admiration for people who can speak foreign languages well and that he would like to be like them.

We recognize in Matteo the education of Baitelli family and the best values ​​of the Italian tradition: the same principles and values ​​that the company Eredi Baitelli puts in his work and that exports all over the world in the name of Made in Italy.

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