FIFA 17: It is A Very Stressful Time Finding A 'Certain Agility' Stat Out

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So some of you may know there is a celebration which requires you to have a 'certain agility' stat. god I wish EA told us what it was beforehand, it was a very stressful time finding it out. here is why:


So I picked Arsenal on kick off mode, you know, to get an approximate number to how much agility you need. Arsenal have a wide variety of agility players (plus they were first on the List, so i thought why not)


So the celebration is a backflip, you need to hold l1/lb and flick the right stick up twice. Now, if you don't have the required agility, he will do a different celebration. By the way, is providing fifa coins at cheap prices for gamers.


Now take a look at exhibit A


Exhibit A- coq can't do it


That was Coquelin who has 77 agility. So I knew that you have to have more than 77 to do the flip. Then I test alexis, with 91 agility, he could do it. Look at exhibit B.


Exhibit B-alexis canchez


So, the required agility is between 77 and 91 (cheers michael owen)


So I had to do trial and error to find the 'biting point'. I decided to go with Theo Walcott, with 82 dribbling. And Oh My god. I can't tell you how much shots walcott needed to have to score against the barnet keeper, on amateur. 


Eventually I had to do near post OP, and celebrate. HE COULDNT DO IT!!! With 82 agility!


Walcott can't do it


So then I went with Ozil, who has 84 agility, long story short, he did it. thanks so much ozil.


Ozil did it, the madman


So if 84 agility can do it, but 82 CANT, what about 83?


Calling 83 agility James


I scored with James, who has 83 agility, and he also did it. Jeez that was tiring


James you did it!




83 agility is the benchmark for doing the backflip celebration.




I suggest taking two strikers. one with 82 agility, one 83 agility. put one on 10 chem, the other on very low chem. See if both can do the backflip. that should show if chemistry adds anything, or restricts anything. and seeing as this is a physical stat, perhaps this translates to ALL physical stats? it comes under dribbling in fut though, so i may be wrong. anyways, this could just be further evidence, if the no touch dribble wasnt enough for you.


The reason i couldn't prove it on the spot is because i needed a partner, to let me score the goals, since it can only be proven online.

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