US Cement Tiles Market Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, And Industry Forecast To 2023

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Cement Tiles Gaining Popularity in the U.S.

US Cement tiles have been in style since the 1860s, and for a good reason—they are one of the most beautiful and practical kinds of tiles available. There are 150-year-old cement tiles found in several European cities, along with Northern Africa and the Middle East. Even though these tiles have no history in North America, these tiles have gained immense popularity in the U.S. over the past couple of years. The presence of significant manufacturers such as Granada Tiles, Waterworks, Clé, and others which are contributing substantially to the

Cement tiles are produced of concrete, and the colors in the pattern are extracted from mineral pigments that are interspersed and poured into a mold. The mold is separated, and the gray cement is filling the rest of the tile body, followed by the tile being hydraulically pressed, and the tile is treated for about three weeks. This method was developed in the mid-19th century and hasn't changed much since then. Cement encaustic tiles (or cement tiles) are handmade using a mixture of cement, powdered marble, sand, and natural mineral pigments. They are incredibly durable and can be used both indoors and out.

Along with creating artfully polished displays, cement tiles are crafted from natural materials (that is clay, sand, and color pigments)—making them both extremely durable and eco-friendly. Cement tiles offer a vast range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for any room in consumers' homes.

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Cement tiles are highly durable flooring options, even in areas with higher footfall. Once the tiles are correctly installed and maintained, there is no need for refurbishing or worrying about scratches and stains. Cement tiles are known to outlast most of the other types of tiles, even ceramic tiles. So, if a little care is taken for the proper installation of these tiles, they will last longer and add aesthetic value to the room.


Cement tiles aren’t just limited to flooring; consumers can use them to tile walls, floors, and pretty much anything else consumers can think of. This multipurpose functionality gives consumers the option to use these tiles where and how consumers want. Consumers could even tile the whole bathroom to create a contemporary wet room look. Cement tiles have a high thermal mass, indicating that they hold their temperature stable. Installing a cement tile floor will help keep consumers home fresh in the summer and warm in the winter—this helps reduce air conditioning costs in hot weather and heating costs in the cold weather!

Environmentally Friendly

Both the base of the cement tile as well as the colored surface layer are made from natural materials, which makes them an environmentally friendly tile option. The production method also has a constrained impact on the environment as cement tiles are manufactured without firing; that is, no fuels are burnt to make the end product. To ensure that cement tiles are sturdy and durable, the manufacturer uses pressure (instead of heat) to harden the tiles.


Once installed and sealed, cement tiles are effortless to care for. Unlike other reliable flooring options such as wood or stone, cement tiles do not need any  particular regular maintenance, such as resealing or refinishing. In fact, all cement tiles need is regular mopping and occasional resealing as required.


One of the most significant benefits of cement tiles is the total amount of choice when it comes to design. There’s a massive selection accessible from plain tiles for a basic look to intricate patterns that make an authentic style statement and everything in between. These tiles can be combined to make a unique trend or design feature, and consumers could even create their own cement tile rug! Also, most choosy of homeowners will be able to find the right color among the massive range of tiles available. Whether consumers are looking to make a statement or want a more subdued look for their floor, they will find the perfect tile color for their needs. One of the most attractive benefits of cement tiles is that the producer is able to manufacture small batches of tiles (min 50 square feet). This means that if consumers can’t find a design or color combination that fits their needs, consumers can opt to have their own personal tile designed and manufactured. If consumers require a particular color for their tiles not currently in the color palette, ask about color matching services.

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