6 Tips to Clean Your Brakes

What is the best way to clean my Ceramic Brake Pad and drum brakes without taking them off the car?

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What is the best way to clean my Ceramic Brake Pad and drum brakes without taking them off the car? I have heard to just squirt brake cleaner in all the crevaces and on the exposed surfaces and then to pump the brakes to get it worked onto all the surfaces between the pads and rotors and behind the calipers. Is that the best and/or proper way to do it?

You want the best for your vehicle, which is why you’re diligent about keeping up on its routine maintenance. Between oil changes, tire rotations and checkups, you give your ride the care it deserves. But, how often do you clean the brakes on your vehicle? While most people don’t know how to clean brakes or even that it’s a task that should be performed, cleaning brakes can prevent the buildup of brake dust and help your brakes work more effectively.

Once you have your performance brakes installed, you’ll to give them the proper care and maintenance they deserve.

Lift your vehicle safely and securely on the lift. Wearing your safety glasses, remove the rear lug nuts and wheels with the gun and a socket.

Remove any drum retaining devices and remove the drum. Drums vary per vehicle, and may require additional tools to remove.

Empty the contents of the brake dust into a parts cleaner or a rear brake dust cleaner. Spray your entire rear brake assembly with brake clean spray to eliminate the built up brake dust covering the components

Clean the drum in the parts cleaner machine to eliminate any dust and dirt from the inside.

Apply a light coat of silicone brake lubricant to the shoe contact points on each shoe.

Replace the drums in the same way you removed them and readjust the rear shoes as necessary. Replace your wheels and lug nuts, making sure they are tightened securely.

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