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* Use the correct technique


    1-    Touch it gently. It is important to use a soft touch when stroking a girl. [1] Try to let your finger brush your skin while caressing it.

        Avoid sudden and rapid movements. The softest and softest touches are relaxing and a bit sexy. He caresses a girl gently and gently, as if it were made of softer silk.


  2-  Hold her gently. Embracing can be an effective way to start stroking a girl and hugging is a common practice in new relationships. You can hug the girl and start stroking her to prolong the hug and make her feel good.

        Try to hug her while saying goodbye at night, then gently stroke her with one hand on her back. If he seems to like it, you can reach his face and gently stroke the side of his cheek.

        If he keeps the hug fast and friendly, then maybe he wouldn't be interested. If she tries to prolong the hug for longer, then she may be interested in a greater physical connection with you.

3-    Place your arm around your shoulders or waist. You can also place your arm around a girl's shoulders or waist to start caressing her. You may want to try this only if you are sure that she will like it and that you have already done things like holding hands.

        For example, you can gently place your arm around your shoulders or waist by standing next to it in the queue to watch a movie or chat with it between classes.

        Once you place your arm around your shoulder or waist, you can gently stroke your shoulder or hip with this hand.

4-    Congratulate her by caressing her. Your daughter could appreciate your touch even more if you congratulate her while you touch her [2]. This can give the impression that the caress is even more intimate and special.

        Try telling him that he has the most beautiful eyes or the softest hair you've ever seen. Find something you really like at home and the compliments will come to you.

        You can also try to tell her that she is beautiful, that her skin is soft, that she feels good or that you simply like her.