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Kids Received £273 Pocket Money in 2019, and Saved 38% of it, Reveals RoosterMoney


The Annual Pocket Money Report - the UK's largest regular pocket money survey of 25,000 4-14 year olds reveals how much kids received last year, what they did with it, and that smart money habits can start young.

LONDON, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- RoosterMoney, the pocket money app, can reveal that kids received £273 pocket money (£5.25 a week) last year, up 7.5% from 2018, and encouragingly they saved 38% of it. This is in stark contrast to the latest statistics showing adults are only managing to save 6.8% of their income*.

Children are picking up lasting money habits as young as 7 years old**, and RoosterMoney is showing that a strong allowance routine is a great way to build positive money habits early on…

  • 74% of parents gave regular pocket money last year
  • Average weekly allowance: £5.25 (£273 a year), up 7.5%
  • Most lucrative chores: 'Mowing the lawn', 'Washing the car' & 'Gardening'
  • Average saved: 38%

Top things to SAVE for:

  1. Phones (-)
  2. Lego Sets (-)
  3. Nintendo Switch (+1)
  4. Holiday Money (-1)
  5. Books & Magazines (-)
  6. Bikes (+2)
  7. Pokemon (new entry)
  8. Playstation (+2)
  9. Tablets (-)
  10. Xbox (-4)

Top things to SPEND on:

  1. Books & Magazines (+1)
  2. Sweets (-1)
  3. Lego (-)
  4. Presents (-)
  5. Roblox (+5, highest climber)
  6. Fortnite (new entry)
  7. Playstation (new entry)
  8. Xbox (-3)
  9. Pokemon (-2)
  10. Apps (-4)

Top EARNING chores:

  1. Mowing the lawn, £2.86
  2. Washing the car, £2.62
  3. Gardening, £2.08
  4. Washing windows, £1.53
  5. Cleaning bathroom, £1.28
  6. Cleaning kitchen, £0.99
  7. Hoovering, £0.98
  8. Dusting, £0.98
  9. Helping make dinner, £0.93
  10. Clean bedroom, £0.92

Most entrepreneurial age group: 9 year olds - boosting their income by selling old games and books, averaging £22.56 per sale. 

Will Carmichael, RoosterMoney CEO says: "Engaging kids with money early by creating teachable moments at home can help cement positive habits that last a lifetime. The New Year is a great time to kick start an allowance and saving routine to encourage your kids to make considered choices about how they use their money."

Find out how RoosterMoney helps teach kids about money here:

All other data from sample of 25,000 RoosterMoney users.

James Kassam


PRN: ITE Hong Kong's only travel fair well covers southern China too Tue, 14 Jan 2020 03:50:48 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

ITE Hong Kong's only travel fair well covers southern China too


More outbound in holiday seasons of Summer & Christmas

HONG KONG, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ITE, organized by TKS Exhibition Services Ltd, covers regional travel trade, MICE and quality FIT. Of the 11613 buyers and visitors in two trade days of ITE 2019, which require registration for admission, 11% from overseas and 26% from mainland China mainly Guangdong, while some 85% of its 73665 public visitors were quality FIT.

ITE's B2B and B2MICE programs include seller-buyer quick-dating; promote audiences for exhibitor's trade seminar / workshop etc.

Hong Kong outbound kept growing, with residents made 23 million departures, up 1.7%, from July to September; and up 5% to 318,000 on first day of "extended" Christmas holiday. The city's air ticket sale grew 9% in July, 8.5% in September and 11.7% in November; dropped 8.6% in August and 7.3% in October; and revenue from January to November grew 3.8% to HK$27.5 billion.

Nearly all international exhibitions from July to December held as planned. Significantly, a large outdoor consumer fair held from December 10 to 31 in the city center went smoothly and reportedly with good visitor flow.

Hong Kong with 7.4 million people but spending US$26.5 billion on outbound, rank World's 11th and Asia's 3rd largest source market in 2018 after mainland China and South Korea (population around 50 million). Its per capita outbound spending averaged US$3580, higher than Australia at around US$1500 and UK at US$1150, which respectively visited by some 309,000 and 243,000 Hong Kong citizens in 2018.  

In first 9 months of 2019, Hong Kong arrivals to Australia grew 2.7% to 232,300, to Japan from July to September totaled 562970, up 2.2%.

ITE combines the 34th ITE (LEISURE) & 15th ITE MICE, will be held from June 11 to 14, 2020 at Halls 1 of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. It is supported by China's Ministry of Culture & Tourism and Hong Kong Tourism Board etc. 

At ITE 2019 over 87% of 675 exhibitors were from overseas, and over half of the 56 exhibiting countries and regions were from outside Asia. Specifically from Europe were Armenia, Croatia, Zagreb, Cyprus, Czech, Finland, France, Georgia, Iceland, Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Spain, Catalonia, Switzerland and UK. Exhibitors highlights THEME travels; while on MICE some 140 exhibitors and 18% trade visitors from MICE and corporations.

For detail, visit or contact TKS via email


PRN: Bodyscan Unveils New Fat-loss Calorie Calculator Tue, 14 Jan 2020 03:50:48 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Bodyscan Unveils New Fat-loss Calorie Calculator


New tool reveals calories, deficit and timeline to achieve a healthy level of body fat

LONDON, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- UK fat-screening company Bodyscan has developed a new online calculator that tells clients how much fat they need to lose, how many calories they need to eat and how long it will take to reach their goal.

Bodyscan shows what eating 400 fewer calories a day can achieve â€�“ 19kg of fat-loss in a year

The results provide clients with an achievable, sustainable plan to lose fat as well as setting realistic expectations about how long it will take to get back in shape.

"Most diets fail because they are unrealistic," says Philip Chant, director of Bodyscan. "People think they can reverse years of over-eating in a few days but the best fat-loss diet is the one you stick to, which means a small calorie deficit over a longer period."

The calculator ensures safe dieting by ensuring that daily consumption is not less than 1200 calories a day for a woman, and 1400 calories per day for a man.

Only Bodyscan clients are given access to the full version of the calculator, which will also determine how many calories an individual burns each day and the amount of fat-loss actually required, as well as explore increases in muscle mass.

A free, simpler version of the calculator is at

For Bodyscan clients, the amount of body fat to lose is revealed by the company's advanced body scanner, which accurately measures fat mass precise to a single gram. The need for fat-loss may be influenced by unhealthy visceral fat, which surrounds internal organs and is linked to type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Ultimately, the new calculator provides comprehensive information that increase the chance of diet success â€�“ a fat-loss target, a daily calorie deficit, total calories to consume and the number of weeks required.

About Bodyscan

Bodyscan ( is the only company in the UK dedicated to measuring body composition with highly accurate DEXA (dual-energy X-ray) technology. It has two London clinics, in Marylebone High Street and Cornhill in the City of London. Since 2015 we have performed more than 10,000 scans and 75% of clients cite "fat loss" as the reason for their scan.

Body scans for journalists, filming/photography available by appointment at:
Bodyscan City
36-38 Cornhill
Press photos/logos available at:


Bodyscan’s calculator takes input from its highly accurate fat scans

Bodyscan’s calculator tells you how much fat you need to lose, the total daily calories required and how long it will take

PRN: Kindred Group plc - Unaudited Trading Update for the Fourth Quarter 2019 Mon, 13 Jan 2020 17:05:47 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Kindred Group plc - Unaudited Trading Update for the Fourth Quarter 2019


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the publication of the third quarter report on 25 October 2019, gross winnings revenues across most markets have been impacted by weak sports betting margins. The margin after free bets was 8.1 per cent for the quarter, compared to 9.4 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2018. The gross turnover for the sportsbook increased by 3 per cent (5 per cent in constant currencies) compared to the fourth quarter 2018.

The most significant deviation in sports betting margin occurred in France. As betting duties in France were calculated on the basis of betting turnover, the financial impact was greatly increased. From 1 January 2020, the basis of calculation of betting duties in France has changed to a tax based on gross gaming revenue, which is more stable.

As previously communicated, Kindred has continued to grow its market presence in the US. For the fourth quarter of 2019, the negative impact on the underlying EBITDA was about GBP 6 million.

Gross winnings revenue and EBITDA have continued to be negatively impacted by regulatory changes in Sweden and the Netherlands, although performance in Sweden improved significantly compared to prior quarters.

Kindred estimates gross winning revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019 of about GBP 235 million (Q4-2018: GBP 250.1 million) unaudited.

Underlying unaudited EBITDA for the fourth quarter of 2019 is estimated to be in the range GBP 27-32 million (Q4-2018: GBP 58.8 million).

Active customers for the quarter amounted to 1.6 million which was an increase of 2 per cent compared to the same quarter last year.  

Following on from the already implemented cost limitation actions earlier in 2019, Kindred's management will continue to implement a number of additional operational efficiency initiatives to ensure that the group can deliver growth in revenues and underlying EBITDA in 2020 compared to 2019. 

The Interim report for the fourth quarter of 2019 will be published on 12 February 2020.

Kindred Group's CEO Henrik Tjärnström will host a call in English on Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 8.00 CET.

The telephone numbers are SE: +46 8 5664 2695, UK: +44 33 3300 9267.

This information is such that Kindred Group plc is required to disclose under the EU Regulation of Market Abuse, MAR.

This information was brought to you by Cision,c3008014

The following files are available for download:

For more information:
Inga Lundberg, Investor Relations, +44 788 799 6116

Company Codes: Bloomberg:KINDSDB@SS, ISIN:SE0007871645, RICS:KINDSDB.ST, Stockholm:KIND-SDB
PRN: Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival Release First Video "Cave Man Rock" 1.14.20 Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:50:23 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival Release First Video "Cave Man Rock" 1.14.20


LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Theatrical garage pop band Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival will release the video for their first single "Cave Man Rock" on 1.13.20. The song will be available for download and streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and other digital platforms on 1.14.20. The record was produced by Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr Big) and features performances by Walter Ino (Eagles of Death Metal), Starr and others. The single was mixed with engineer Smiley Sean (A Perfect Circle, Motley Crue). 

"We had a lot of fun making this record and I'm excited for everyone to hear it," says Starr. "The songs are great and there's a real theatrical element that made it a lot of fun to produce and mix."

DVIC was formed in late 2018 when Douglas Von Irvin and Dave Pryce, a.k.a. Dr Prycenstein, met in Las Vegas. The two shared a vision for creating fun and cinematic garage rock songs that would be well-suited for on stage theatrics as well as TV/film placement.

Pryce recalls, "After we met, Doug told me he wrote songs. When I heard them, I knew that we had to do something together. Every song was so fun and imaginative."

Von Irvin and Pryce reached out to Producer Matt Starr and the team began writing songs for the forthcoming release.

"It was a real team effort between myself, Dave and Matt," states Douglas. "We went over every single aspect of each song, making sure it was as strong as we could make it. There were no egos involved, just pure creativity. That was a lot of fun for me and a new experience."

Recording began in the spring of 2019 at Infinite Spin Records in Van Nuys, CA with engineer Marcel Miranda. The studio was previously owned by drummer Simon Phillips and had a long list of clients including Toto, Alan Parsons, Billy Ray Cyrus, Joe Satriani, Limp Bizkit, and others. 

Others releases to follow will be "Vampire Lovers" on Valentine's Day, "Punk Rock Heart", "Ultraman", and "Monster Pool Party". 

The video release will be supported by a Los Angeles performance at the Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA on 1.13.20. Rounding out the band will be drummer Stephen Mills (Gene Loves Jezebel) and keyboardist Sven Martin (Jonathan Davis, Liz Phair). 

The video was directed by Matt Starr in conjunction with Industrialism Films (Winery Dogs, Tom Keifer).

To learn more about Douglas Von Irvin's Carnaval go to

Media contact:
Malcolm Allan, MWFA Talent


PRN: Brand USA released dates and venue for second 'Brand USA Travel Week Europe' Mon, 13 Jan 2020 12:15:05 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Brand USA released dates and venue for second 'Brand USA Travel Week Europe'


Brand USA Travel Week Europe 2020 will take place from Sept. 21 â€�“ 25 at etc. venues County Hall, London

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, details were released around Brand USA Travel Week Europe 2020. The biggest players in the United States and European travel industries will gather once again to discuss trends, challenges, innovations, and opportunities to increase international visitation to the United States. Brand USA Travel Week Europe is scheduled to take place from Monday, Sept. 21 â€�“ Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, at London's etc. venues County Hall. Registration is now open to exhibitors and buyers with exhibitor registration closing on Mar. 31, 2020, and buyer registration closing on Jun. 17, 2020.

"Brand USA Travel Week Europe debuted to great success in 2019, showcasing the diverse range of travel experiences available throughout the United States. The event proved to be a groundbreaking initiative for Brand USA and its partners," said Tom Garzilli, chief marketing officer at Brand USA. "Brand USA Travel Week Europe has improved the way the U.S. travel community engages with the European market, fostering more authentic connections and business opportunities. We are dedicated to providing both exhibitors and buyers with an even greater experience in 2020."

Brand USA Travel Week Europe celebrates the diverse range of travel experiences available throughout the 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia. The 2020 event will offer curated one-on-one B2B appointments between U.S. exhibitors and European buyers, a compelling and informative Enrichment Series, and a series of extraordinary evening events that will engage, educate, and entertain attendees.

"Europe has long been a vital market to the United States, and Brand USA Travel Week Europe is a clear demonstration of our continued commitment to driving inbound visitation from this region. Putting the United States firmly on the European stage in a truly unique business setting, the initiative positions the USA as a premier destination as we aim to increase visitation, spend, and market share," added Christopher L. Thompson, president and CEO of Brand USA

Brand USA Travel Week Europe will rotate throughout Europe. Future locations have been identified as 2021 in Germany, 2022 in the United Kingdom, 2023 in France, 2024 in the United Kingdom, and 2025 in the Netherlands.

Additional information about Brand USA Travel Week Europe is available at


Brand USA, the destination marketing organization for the United States, was established by the Travel Promotion Act as the nation's first public-private partnership to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and to communicate U.S. travel policies and procedures to worldwide travelers. The organization's mission is to increase international visitation to the USA in order to fuel the U.S. economy and enhance the image of the United States worldwide. Formed as the Corporation for Travel Promotion in 2010, the public-private entity began operations in May 2011 and does business as Brand USA. According to studies by Oxford Economics, over the past six years, Brand USA's marketing initiatives have help! ed welcom e 6.6 million incremental visitors to the USA, benefiting the U.S. economy with more than $21.8 billion in total economic impact and supporting, on average, nearly 52,000 incremental U.S. jobs a year.

For industry or partner information about Brand USA, visit To discover more about the USA and the boundless diversity of American travel experiences and authentic, rich culture, please visit Brand USA's consumer website and follow Visit The USA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

PRN: Putting Your Business in the Safest Hands Mon, 13 Jan 2020 11:50:23 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Putting Your Business in the Safest Hands


Unipart, the global manufacturing, logistics and consultancy group, says culture is at the heart of driving safety in an innovative, highly competitive business

OXFORD, England, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- What does it take to create one of the world's safest work environments?

Unipart's Martin Lockley and Angela Dobbins collect their Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour from British Safety Council chairman Lawrence Waterman (PRNewsfoto/Unipart Group)

According to Unipart, it is all about engaging your people.

Unipart's success in applying that engagement formula is borne out by an impressive track record in winning accolades for the company's health and safety record.

Unipart has won 55 Swords of Honour since 2011, more than any other company in its sector and this year added to its impressive achievement.

In addition, Unipart Logistics was among a handful of organisations to achieve both the Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour, awarded for environmental excellence. These British Safety Council awards are the pinnacle of achievement in terms of developing a health and safety culture.

Lawrence Waterman, Chairman of the British Safety Council, said: "The winners of Swords and Globes are ready to face the future because they have the right values, putting the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees and the future of our planet at the heart of what they do. They are an example to us all, in how to look after their employees, how to engage them in health and safety and how to strive to make our organisations places where people can thrive."

So how does Unipart continue to raise the bar in terms of improving health and safety on its sites internationally?


In an analogue world of the past, we engaged all employees everyday in making their sites safer, identifying risks and creating a 'safety' culture.

Today, we look at health and safety through a digital lens which enables us to use digital technologies to identify risks and share the information globally and almost instantly. Now digital enables us to collect and analyse data more effectively to predict and counter safety issues before they occur.

For instance, Unipart Logistics created a health and safety app for our sites in the NHS Supply Chain. When we took over the NHS Supply Chain logistics activity in February 2019, we benchmarked the sites against existing Unipart sites and using a digital app brought health and safety performance in line with Unipart's world-class level.

Digital technology has further driven Unipart's health and safety excellence more widely across all Unipart Logistics sites. For example, sensors and telematics in new mechanical handling equipment led to a 47 per cent reduction in incidents.

Meanwhile door sensors and electronic audits alert operatives to hazards or improve the efficiency of Unipart's audit and inspection activities. The data collected in these processes will be used in the future to predict and prevent unsafe events.

In Unipart Rail, employees developed their own health and safety apps to monitor behavioural safety, workplace inspections, and share new ideas across the division to improve safety.

World class benchmarks

Unipart has focused on world class benchmarks in health and safety. Unipart Logistics set a  lost time incident frequency rate (LTIFR) of 0.5 - half the industry requirement. Through proactively managing risk and engaging employees, Unipart's latest LTIFR rate was 0.37.

Unipart Rail achieved a five star audit for a third consecutive year. By further engaging employees in health and safety over the last 12 months, the division reduced accidents by 20 per cent and reduced RIDDOR incidents by 66 per cent.


Unipart's employee wellbeing strategy, Unipart Workwell, is helping to build a positive safety culture. Wellbeing champions at every site promote financial and healthy lifestyle wellness. Mental health wellbeing training forms part of managers' personal development.

Poor sleep affects between 10 and 20 per cent of the UK workforce and can lead to loss of productivity and focus in the workplace. All Unipart employees have access to Sleepio, a digital tool to help improve sleep and offer cognitive behaviour therapy to those suffering from insomnia or waking up feeling unrefreshed. More than one in 10 employees have taken the digital sleep test.

Steve Wilson from Unipart's consultancy, Unipart Expert Practices, helps other companies to build an engagement culture using Unipart's proprietary system for continuous improvement called The Unipart Way.

"The Unipart Way forms the basis of the work we do for our clients," said Wilson. "The capability we provide drives performance in health and safety, efficiency, productivity and quality.

"That's why we are incredibly proud that today The Unipart Way continues to be recognised for its contribution to health and safety at work.

"Implementing and maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and welfare is simply good business sense: a strong, performance-orientated culture cannot be nurtured in an unsafe environment."


Alistair Drummond
Unipart Group Communications Manager
tel: +44 (0)186-538-3068
mobile: +44 (0)777-179-8835

PRN: HighJump Unveils Future of Ecommerce for Supply Chain at NRF 2020 Mon, 13 Jan 2020 11:18:17 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

HighJump Unveils Future of Ecommerce for Supply Chain at NRF 2020


Comprehensive solutions for warehousing & logistics from HighJump and Körber Logistic Systems digitally transform supply chains worldwide

MINNEAPOLIS and NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- HighJump, a global provider of supply chain solutions, today showcases the latest for ecommerce at NRF 2020. HighJump provides retailers with the connected, automated supply chain of the future to conquer complexity and deliver upon ever heightening consumer expectations.


"Omnichannel fulfillment and ecommerce are an evolving and challenging frontier," said Bill Ryan, North America CEO of HighJump. "Warehouses need to be smarter and supply chains more agile than ever. HighJump, with our sister companies at Körber Logistics Systems, is the partner that makes this a reality. Our 30+ years of experience and expanding line of solutions empower retailers to focus on creating value for their customers â€�“ not supply chain complexity."

Consumer demands for purchasing convenience, cost, delivery speed and choice are rising. This requires closer cooperation between retailers and third-party logistics (3PL) and intensified collaboration with brick and mortar operations â€�“ all in light of a shrinking workforce. HighJump and its sister companies under  Körber Logistics Systems, a provider of diverse supply chain solutions and services spanning eight companies dispersed worldwide, enable this through an unrivaled produc! t portfol io and the support of more than 2,500 logistics experts and partners.

"Agility in the supply chain requires new levels of transparency, flexibility and efficiency," said Sean Elliott, Chief Technology Officer of HighJump and Körber Logistics Systems Business Unit Software. "That means combining the technologies of today and tomorrow â€�“ be it artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, IoT, or blockchain. With Körber Logistics systems, we're the one, holistic partner that can truly conquer complexity - uniquely offering the right solution, at the right time at any point within the supply chain."

Key solutions for ecommerce include:

  • Warehouse management systems (WMS) that scale and adapt to the needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), global enterprises and 3PLs. The WMSs streamline operations amongst DCs, adjust for seasonality and provide advanced capabilities for reverse logistics.
  • Warehouse control system (WCS) for seamless integration and management of the latest automation t! echnologi es while providing real-time visibility into complex workflows.
  • Applications for traceability, such as Skytrack, which provide shipment visibility and notifications pivotal for last-mile delivery.
  • Robotics solutions will empower the integration, design and rapid adoption of autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) through new partnerships with vendors worldwide to extend and evolve operations to meet SLAs - even under SKU ! prolifera tion.
  • Warehouse simulation and design to optimize and assess throughput and plan for next-generation technologies via CLASS.
  • Voice technology bridges staff and advanced automation technology to enhance operations via one of the world's largest and most experienced Honeywell Vocollect voice integration teams.
  • Additional digital capabilities catered t! o specifi c needs, such as software solutions for DOM and retail execution, or hardware solutions such as palletizers, layer pickers/sorters and conveyors.

NRF attendees can learn more at HighJump stand 4037, January 12-14, 2020 at the Javits Center in New York.  

About HighJump
Today's consumer has ever-higher expectations for purchasing convenience, delivery speed, choice and adaptability. More options for consumers spell greater complexity for the supply chain. It's no longer enough to fulfill demand â€�“ you must anticipate it, predict it and make smarter, faster decisions.

With resources tight and competitive pressure relentless, staying ahead means selecting a technology partner with a proven track record of delivering efficiency and a lower cost of ownership. A partner whose flexible, extensible platform integrates quickly and smoothly with your existing systems. All backed by a team with unmatched transportation and logistics expertise â€�“ working to help you adapt, grow and succeed.

At HighJump, we're integrating our proven solutions for the warehouse, transportation and logistics ecosystem with emerging technologies â€�“ from around our company and around the world â€�“ to build the supply chain of the future. Leveraging advanced cloud technology, we can help you ride the wave of data to achieve greater efficiency, uncover actionable insights, and stay ahead of the curve.

HighJump - Supply Chain of the Future: Learn more -

About Körber
Körber AG is the holding company of an international technology group with around 10,000 employees worldwide. The Group unites technologically leading companies with more than 100 production, service and sales locations. Körber combines the advantages of a globally represented organization with the strengths of highly specialized and flexible medium-sized companies that offer their customers solutions, products and services in the Business Areas Körber Digital, Logistics Systems, Pharma Systems, Tissue and Tobacco.

About Körber Logistics Systems
The Business Area Logistics Systems, belonging to the international technology group Körber and based in Bad Nauheim, Hessen (Germany), is the leading provider of fully integrated applications for the optimization of complex internal and external logistics processes. Under the umbrella brand Körber Logistics, the Business Area provides digital solutions for the smart factory (production logistics), the warehouse, distribution center, e-commerce, and management of the entire supply chain. In three Business Units, the umbrella brand unites the companies Aberle GmbH and Consoveyo S.A. (System Integration), Langhammer GmbH and Riantics A/S (Product Solutions), Aberle Software GmbH, Cirrus Logistics, Cohesio Group, DMLogic, HighJump, Inconso GmbH, Otimis Ltda. and Voiteq (Software). They offer an extensive range of products and services, from system integration to technologies for storage, palletizing,! de-palle tizing and conveyor systems, through to software.

Media Contact:
1-800-328-3271 x 2717

Logo -

PRN: Diebold Nixdorf Recognized As Top Global Self-Ordering Kiosk Provider Mon, 13 Jan 2020 10:53:09 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Diebold Nixdorf Recognized As Top Global Self-Ordering Kiosk Provider


RBR study shows Diebold Nixdorf leads the global market for restaurant self-ordering kiosks including payment functionality

NEW YORK and NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in driving connected commerce for the retail and banking industries, was recently acknowledged as the top global provider of self-ordering kiosks by industry research firm RBR in its Global Self-Ordering Kiosks 2020 study.

Diebold Nixdorf Primary Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Diebold Nixdorf)

The report recognized Diebold Nixdorf as the largest self-ordering kiosk supplier in the world as of June 2019, with a market share of 19% by installed base and 24% by shipments. Additionally, Diebold Nixdorf leads all providers in the Americas market both in terms of installed base (26%) and shipments (37%).

Diebold Nixdorf has installed nearly 25,000 kiosks that accelerate the self-service customer order and payment process for some of the world's largest quick-service restaurants (QSRs), including the largest players in the market. The attractive design of these intuitive units delivers on the consumers' expectations for an efficient and reliable experience. Built for 24/7 operation, these user-friendly and flexible solutions automate tasks to further enhance restaurant digitalization.

In particular, the company's award-winning K-two retail kiosk solution is distinguished by its ability to be easily adapted for changing business needs and consumer demands. Retailers can choose between 22", 27", and 32" multi-touchscreens, install the unit as a stand-alone kiosk or in a back-to-back format and even mount it on a pole or on a wall, making it perfect for restaurants that need tailored solutions.

Hermann Wimmer, senior vice president of global retail at Diebold Nixdorf, said: "We are proud that our open platform approach for self-service checkout in retail resonated so well that we are being recognized as the global industry leader for self-ordering kiosks. Particularly, quick service restaurants need self-service technology that provides faster and more convenient options that enhance and modernize everyday consumer interactions. We will continue to push the boundaries for self-service solutions that drive a frictionless consumer experience."

RBR's Global Self-Ordering Kiosks 2020 is the first study of the fast-growing technology driving the new self-service paradigm in the restaurant industry. It presents in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of 22 countries around the world, based on an unparalleled primary and secondary research effort with suppliers, restaurant operators and industry experts.

This technology is being showcased at NRF 2020: Retail's Big Show in booth #3200.

About RBR
RBR is a strategic research and consulting firm with three decades of experience in banking and retail automation, cards and payments. It assists its clients by providing independent advice and intelligence through published reports, consulting, newsletters and events.

About Diebold Nixdorf
Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) is a world leader in enabling connected commerce. We automate, digitize and transform the way people bank and shop. As a partner to the majority of the world's top 100 financial institutions and top 25 global retailers, our integrated solutions connect digital and physical channels conveniently, securely and efficiently for millions of consumers each day. The company has a presence in more than 100 countries with approximately 23,000 employees worldwide. Visit for more information.

Twitter: @DieboldNixdorf 
YouTube:! .com/dieb oldnixdorf

Logo -


Company Codes: NYSE:DBD
PRN: Mainetti Group rafforza il design, il branding, e le soluzioni tecnologiche nel mercato degli Stati Uniti con l'acquisizione di The Star Group Mon, 13 Jan 2020 10:50:52 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Mainetti Group rafforza il design, il branding, e le soluzioni tecnologiche nel mercato degli Stati Uniti con l'acquisizione di The Star Group


Le capacità creative completano e ampliano l'offerta della sussidiaria RECA

KEASBEY, New Jersey, 13 gennaio 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mainetti Group, produttore mondiale di prodotti e soluzioni retail, ha il piacere di annunciare di aver acquistato The Star Group, un fornitore di soluzioni creative per il branding e packaging con sede a Lodi, New Jersey.

The Star Group offre ai principali brand e retailer di abbigliamento, soluzioni di design, produzione e distribuzione attraverso un'ampia offerta di etichette, tag, ricami speciali e altri prodotti altamente personalizzati. The Star Group ha inoltre capitalizzato sulla crescita esplosiva dell'e-commerce collaborando con retailer online per applicare il loro brand ai pacchetti di spedizione.

The Star Group sarà integrato alla Mainetti attraverso la società sussidiaria di sua totale proprietà, la RECA Group, che offre anche etichette, cartellini e packaging per molti dei più noti marchi di moda di lusso del mondo. La nuova divisione opererà con il nome di Star-Reca, A Mainetti Company.

"L'aggiunta del talento professionale e dell'ampio portafoglio di soluzioni di branding di The Star Group permette alla Mainetti di aumentare l'offerta di prodotti più creativi ed esclusivi di cui i brand retail mondiali hanno bisogno," ha affermato Paul Withers, Group Global Head of Packaging presso Mainetti. "Comprendiamo le esigenze competitive del settore retail e dell'abbigliamento, e siamo fiduciosi di poter aiutare i brand di oggi ad impegnarsi realmente con i loro clienti in un modo di cui non è capace nessun'altra azienda."

Così come Mainetti, The Star Group si impegna a favore della sostenibilità, offrendo prodotti per l'etichettatura e l'imballaggio ecocompatibili e alternative ecologiche e riciclate ai packaging tradizionali.

"Siamo orgogliosi di entrare a far parte della famiglia Mainetti, un'azienda davvero pioniera e leader mondiale nell'industria retail," ha dichiarato Michael Friedman, Presidente e CEO di The Star Group. "Mainetti è un'azienda che gode di enorme stima per il suo impegno nel fornire un servizio clienti eccellente e superiore. Assieme a RECA, avremo la possibilità di portare sul mercato prodotti e soluzioni di altissima qualità, offrendo ai nostri clienti una scelta e un supporto senza pari. Siamo impazienti di assistere alla nostra crescita collettiva e al nostro successo negli anni avvenire."

Informazioni su Mainetti

Mainetti Group è un'azienda leader mondiale in soluzioni innovative, sostenibili e complete per il settore retail. Mainetti è conosciuta per la sua qualità superiore, il suo servizio clienti e per il suo stile. Sessanta anni fa, Mainetti è stata pioniera nel riciclo degli appendiabiti, introducendo pratiche di sostenibilità che continuano ancora oggi a guidare il settore. L'azienda inoltre segue ampi programmi di riuso, ridistribuendo gli appendiabiti che vengono reintrodotti all'interno della catena distributiva grazie alla sua rete mondiale di aziende. Più recentemente Mainetti ha sviluppato un mercato di packaging, etichette e tag RFID che si sta sviluppando rapidamente. Mainetti è partner di fiducia dei marchi di abbigliamento e retail più stimati e famosi al mondo e soddisfa tutti i settori del mercato. Mainetti è di proprietà privata e opera in oltre 52 sedi in tutto il mondo. Per maggiori informazioni, visitare il sito

Informazioni su The Star Group

The Star Group è un fornitore leader mondiale di soluzioni di branding e packaging creative per retailer e brand di abbigliamento. Star fornisce un'esperienza personalizzata che risponde alle esigenze di design, produzione e distribuzione dei suoi partner. The Star Group è un'azienda agile, flessibile e reattiva in grado di offrire un servizio straordinario e soluzioni coerenti capaci di trasformare i brand.

Star propone una gamma di prodotti che permettono ai designer di creare branding e ricami di impatto. I prodotti includono etichette per l'abbigliamento, trasferibili, patch e ricami speciali, oltre a etichette, biglietti, adesivi e packaging per retail e l'e-commerce.

Composto da un team creativo formato da talenti del design provenienti da alcuni dei migliori brand del settore della moda, The Star Group fornisce competenza in materia di branding e soluzioni sostenibili per valorizzare i prodotti.

Per maggiori informazioni, visitare il sito


Alicia Young,

PRN: Mainetti Group Bolsters Design, Branding, Technology Solutions In The US Market Through Acquisition Of The Star Group Mon, 13 Jan 2020 10:50:19 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Mainetti Group Bolsters Design, Branding, Technology Solutions In The US Market Through Acquisition Of The Star Group


Creative Capabilities Compliment, Expand RECA Subsidiary Offerings

KEASBEY, New Jersey, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mainetti Group, a global manufacturer of retail products and solutions, is pleased to announce it has acquired The Star Group, a creative branding and packaging solutions provider located in Lodi, New Jersey. 

The Star Group delivers design, manufacturing and distribution solutions to leading apparel retailers and brands, through a broad offering of labels, tags, specialty trim and other highly personalized products.  The Star Group has also capitalized on the explosive growth of e-commerce by partnering with online retailers to brand their shipping packages. 

Mainetti will be integrating The Star Group with its wholly owned subsidiary RECA Group, which also offers labels, hangtags and packaging for many of the world's best-known luxury fashion brands.  The new unit will operate as Star-Reca, A Mainetti Company. 

"The addition of The Star Group's professional talent and extensive portfolio of branding solutions deepens Mainetti's ability to serve global retail brands with the most creative and unique products for their needs," said Paul Withers, Group Global Head of Packaging at Mainetti. "We understand the competitive demands of the retail and apparel industry, and we are confident we can help today's brands effectively engage with their customers in a way no other company can."

Similar to Mainetti, The Star Group is committed to sustainability, offering environmentally-friendly labeling and packaging products, as well as organic and recycled alternatives to traditional packaging. 

"We are proud to become part of the Mainetti family, a company that's been a true pioneer and global leader in the retail industry," said Michael Friedman, President and CEO, The Star Group.  "Mainetti is highly respected for its commitment to excellence and superior customer service. Together with RECA, we will be able to bring premium products and solutions to the market, giving our customers unrivalled choice and support. We look forward to our collective growth and success in the years to come." 

About Mainetti

Mainetti Group is the worldwide leader in innovative, sustainable, full-service solutions for the retail industry.  Mainetti is known for its superior quality, customer service and global footprint.  Sixty years ago, Mainetti pioneered plastic hanger recycling, introducing sustainability practices that continue to lead the industry. The company also operates extensive reuse programs, redistributing hangers for reintroduction into the supply chain through its global network of companies.  More recently Mainetti has developed a global packaging, labels and RFID ticketing business which is growing rapidly. Mainetti is a trusted partner to the world's most respected and well-known retail and apparel brands and supplies all sectors of the market.  Mainetti is privately owned and operates in more than 52 locations around the world.  Please visit for more information.

About The Star Group

The Star Group is a leading global provider of creative branding and packaging solutions for apparel retailers and brands. Star delivers a personalized experience to meet the design, manufacturing and distribution needs of its partners. The Star Group is agile, flexible and responsive, providing exceptional service and consistent solutions to transform brands.  

Star offers a range of products that enable designers to create impactful branding and trims. Products include apparel labels, transfers, patches and specialty trim, as well as tags, tickets, stickers and packaging for retail and e-commerce.

With a creative team comprised of design talent from some of the fashion industry's top brands, The Star Group provides branding expertise and sustainable solutions to enhance products.

Please visit for more information.


Alicia Young,

PRN: Challenge Accepted: Exciting Escapes Introduces New Escape Room Experiences in Croydon Mon, 13 Jan 2020 10:34:20 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Challenge Accepted: Exciting Escapes Introduces New Escape Room Experiences in Croydon


LONDON, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Escape rooms have become hugely popular all around the world in recent years, with players seeking new ways to challenge themselves and have fun with friends and family. Tapping into this exciting new economy, two brothers have made use of a unit in Croydon that had previously been empty for more than ten years.

The Mayor of Croydon cut the ribbon on 9th of January, Exciting Escapes Croydon is now officially open.

Peter and David Gale have already enjoyed great success since forming their business three years ago, over 60,000 people have taken part in escape room experiences in Southampton, Basingstoke and Portsmouth. Their latest venture is now  breathing new life into Croydon's leisure and entertainment sector.

Based in Grant's Entertainment Centre, next to Vue Cinema, Exciting Escapes is Croydon's first ever escape room experience - and adventure seekers have already been travelling from far and wide to come and try the mind-bending puzzles and team games on offer.

There are currently four different escape room experiences on site - each with its own unique mix of themed puzzles and challenges - and plans are already under way for five more at the location by the end of the year.

Not only is this great news for budding tacticians and escapologists seeking a new way to get those little grey cells working hard, it's a real boost for the local area too. Croydon is already a vibrant mix of local families, businesses, young people and future developments, and the expansion of this dynamic escape room experience will see more than 20 people employed in full time and part time roles.

With the escape room phenomenon ever increasing in popularity, the future is looking bright for the two brothers and their enthusiastic team.

Exciting Escapes is currently recruiting for part time Gamesmasters to join the team. For further details, and to find out more about the different escape room experiences available, visit

Exciting Escapes
Grants Entertainment Centre
14 High Street

For PR please contact Breakline Ltd 
+44 (0)203-886-0038


PRN: Rare Natural Pearl With the Word 'ALLAH' Scripted in Arabic to go on Sale/Auction Mon, 13 Jan 2020 10:25:48 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Rare Natural Pearl With the Word 'ALLAH' Scripted in Arabic to go on Sale/Auction


COCHIN, Kerala, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Acharya's Amman Gems & Pearls L.L.P, a company registered in India, is putting up for sale/auction an extremely rare natural pearl named 'The Allah Divine Al Lulu', which was discovered in Khaleej Sea with the word 'ALLAH' scripted on it in Arabic.

Rare Natural Pearl with the word 'ALLAH' scripted in ARABIC

The Inscription is not about something that is carved out on the pearl but rather the pearl was found in salt water with the writing in its natural form from the oyster itself.

The holiness about this pearl is that the name of 'ALLAH' too is natural and is certified by the Gem & Pearl Testing Laboratories of Kingdom of Bahrain, USA and Switzerland.

Product Details

TITLE                                       :            'THE ALLAH DIVINE AL LULU'

ORIGIN                                    :            KHALEEJ SEA WATER

SHAPE                                     :           ROUND UNDRILLED

WEIGHT                                   :            1.614 CT (6.46 GRAINS)

MEASUREMENTS                   :             6.04 â€�“ 6.19 MM

BODY COLOUR                       :             LIGHT CREAM

IDENTIFICATION                     :              NATURAL PEARL â€�“ SALT WATER

OVERTONE                              :            PINK

ENVIRONMENT                        :            SALT WATER

MOLLUSK                                :            PINCTADA SPECIES

The Pearl is designed in the form of a pendant and there is no contact with any metal. It is protected by five pearls from all sides. The pendant consists of 65.001 grams of 18k white gold studded with 424 diamonds of 3.74ct; 5 diamonds of 0.41ct; natural 5 pearls of 0.37ct; in it with a detachable lock.

Reports & Certifications:

The Pearl has been certified as a natural pearl by:

The Kingdom Of Bahrain Gem & Pearl Testing Laboratory

Gemological institute of America â€�“ GIA â€�“ USA

Swiss Gemological Institute Switzerland â€�“ SSEF

It's even more special as it was found in the waters of Khaleej Sea, the pearl hub of the world. Persian/Arabian Gulf pearls are famous because the pearls are produced in the place where the sweet and salt water meet and are of the purest form.

Why This Pearl: The Peace of Universe, God's Blessing

For Reference: Surah 55. Ar-Rahman

(55:19) He unleashed the two seas so that they merge together,

(55:20) and yet there is a barrier between them which they may not overstep.

(55:21) which of the wonders of your Lord will you twain â€�“ you men and jinn â€�“ then deny?

(55:22) from these seas come forth pearls 20 and coral

(55:23) which of the wonders of your Allah's power will you twain â€�“ you men and jinn â€�“ then deny?


The place where the glory and blessing of the Heavenly Pearl is there; shall be a heaven on earth and shall attract everyone from all corners to see and seek blessing from 'the holy pearl'.

Matthew 13:45-46 (NIV)

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it."

Contact Information:
Prakash G. Acharya
Managing Director
Acharya's Amman Gems & Pearls L.L.P


Allah Pearl designed in the form of a diamond pendant




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PRN: Xinhua Silk Road: Haier actively takes part in public welfare undertakings worldwide Mon, 13 Jan 2020 10:23:46 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Xinhua Silk Road: Haier actively takes part in public welfare undertakings worldwide


BEIJING, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese home appliance giant Haier has long been committed to practicing corporate social responsibility and pushing forward public welfare undertakings.

Photo taken on July 5, 2019 shows a girl dances at the donation ceremony of Haier in a welfare house of the Philippines.

Last year, the company kicked off a worldwide public welfare activity, titled "Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier", with an aim to bring healthy life for global users with strength and warmth.

AQUA, a global brand of Haier which was officially launched in Indonesia in 2015, passes down Haier's philosophy and attaches much importance to public welfare undertakings. Last year, it positively responded to the activity of "Snapshot Haier", sending TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, stationery and books to children in the local orphanage to pass on care and warmth to them.

In the Philippines, Haier also actively participated in public welfare undertaking. Last year the company donated a batch of much-needed home appliances as well as teaching aids to the local welfare house.

The company has a localized approach to meet demands of global users with customized products.

Haier has gained a strong foothold in Thailand. The secret of Haier's success in Thailand is localized marketing, actively communicating with users, analyzing market trends, and creating differentiated products. The company continuously identifies the needs of users in an attempt to develop customized products for Thai users.

In Russia, Haier launched last year a laundry appliances plant, which is the first Chinese-built intelligent manufacturing factory based on COSMOPlat platform in Europe. The company hired local R&D talents, factory workers and sales staffs in a bid to better adapt to the local market and create competitive edges. By now, the plant has created over 800 jobs directly for the local market and provided a stimulus to local economic growth.

Original link:

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PRN: Nanoemulsion Market to Reach $4.91 Bn, Globally, by 2026 at 11.5% CAG Allied Market Research Mon, 13 Jan 2020 10:20:40 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Nanoemulsion Market to Reach $4.91 Bn, Globally, by 2026 at 11.5% CAGR: Allied Market Research


Increase in use of nanoemulsion in the food & beverages industry, and surge in trend of nanostructured food ingredients and additive in food & beverages drive the growth of the global nanoemulsion market

PORTLAND, Oregon, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Allied Market Research published a report, titled, "Nanoemulsion Market by Type (Small-molecule Surfactant, Protein-stabilized Emulsions, and Polysaccharide) and Application (Beverage, Dairy, and Bakery): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2019-2026." As per the report, the global nanoemulsion industry was estimated at $2.08 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $4.91 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 11.5% from 2019 to 2026.

Allied Market Research Logo

Drivers, restraints, and opportunities-

Growing use of nanoemulsion in the food & beverages industry, and rising trend of nanostructured food ingredients and additive in food & beverages fuel the growth of the global nanoemulsion market. On the other hand, higher cost of nanoemulsion technology curtails down the growth to certain extent. However, with nano technology expanding its trend in various industries, a number of opportunities have been formed for the key players in the industry.

Request Sample Report at:

The small-molecule surfactant segment to maintain its leadership status till 2026-

Based on type, the small-molecule surfactant segment accounted for more than half of the global nanoemulsion market share in 2018, and is expected to retain its dominance by the end of 2026. The same segment is also projected to grow at the fastest CAGR of 11.9% throughout the forecast period. Considering the trends of customers in choosing food items, manufacturers are demanding latest technology in the food emulsifiers and ingredients. The Small-Molecule Surfactants having smaller size and having been produced by latest technological advancements attract the manufacturers, which has boosted the growth of the segment.

The beverages segment to dominate during the estimated period-

Based on application, the beverages segment contributed to nearly two-thirds of the global nanoemulsion market revenue in 2018, and is anticipated to maintain the lion's share by 2026. The same segment would also register the fastest CAGR of 12.2% during 2019â€�“2026. Vegetables and fruits contain health-related compounds that can impact on physiological processes, and reduce the risk of certain diseases along with improving the overall health. Importance of balanced and healthy diets has led the consumers to increase the consumption of vegetable based/ fruit juice based beverages.

North America to maintain its dominance throughout the forecast period-

Based on geography, North America held the major share in 2018, generating more than two-fifths of the global nanoemulsion market. This is attributed to the fact that consumers are much aware about the latest innovations in the food and beverage categories in this province. The Asia-Pacific region, on the other hand, would cite the fastest CAGR of 13.5% during the estimated period. The developing countries in the region are inviting manufacturers all around the world to invest out there and this factor is proving to be a market booster in this province for nanoemulsion market.

For Purchase Enquiry at: 

Key market players-

  • Keystone Foods
  • Nestle S.A.
  • The Kraft Heinz Company
  • Frutarom Group
  • Jamba
  • WILD Flavors and Specialty Ingredients
  • Shemen Industries Ltd.
  • Unilever Group
  • DuPont

Access KNOWLEDGE TREE (Premium on-demand, subscription-based pricing model) at:

Knowledge tree is a cloud-based intelligence platform that offers more than 2,000 selective, off-the-shelf reports on niche markets to enable our clients gain deep insights on the latest trends, dynamic technologies, and emerging application areas.

Get Upto 30% Discount on All Published Reports:

Infant Nutrition Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019-2026

Specialty Malt Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019â€�“2026

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Protein Drink Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry

Dairy Ingredients Market - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry

About Us

Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business-consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP based in Portland, Oregon. Allied Market Research provides global enterprises as well as medium and small businesses with unmatched quality of "Market Research Reports" and "Business Intelligence Solutions." AMR has a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to assist its clients to make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.

We are in professional corporate relations with various companies and this helps us in digging out market data that helps us generate accurate research data tables and confirms utmost accuracy in our market forecasting. Each and every data presented in the reports published by us is extracted through primary interviews with top officials from leading companies of domain concerned. Our secondary data procurement methodology includes deep online and offline research and discussion with knowledgeable professionals and analysts in the industry.

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PRN: OnePlus Announces Its Latest 120Hz Fluid Display Mon, 13 Jan 2020 09:51:40 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

OnePlus Announces Its Latest 120Hz Fluid Display


SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced today the official arrival of the company's newly minted display with a blazing 120Hz refresh rate, together with multiple exciting new technologies. Pete believes "This will be the best smartphone display in 2020."

Since founding, OnePlus has always strived to deliver the best "fast and smooth" experience possible for its users. With the OnePlus 7 Pro released last May, OnePlus overcame several challenges such as optimizing display panels and minimizing power consumption to deliver the world's first 90Hz Fluid Display with QHD+ resolution, catalyzing a shift in the smartphone industry towards a smoother, more fluid user experience. 

To enhance the experience further this year, OnePlus continues to push the refresh rate up to 120Hz and amplifying the display with several exciting and innovative technologies, bringing users an even more refined and smooth viewing experience. As OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said, "We believe that the smoothest smartphone display must also be able to deliver a superior visual quality and viewing comfort. We're sure that OnePlus's new 120Hz Fluid Display will be the best you'll lay eyes on in 2020."

The new display features the most rigorous hardware configuration in the industry and a handful of exciting technologies, including MEMC technology for smoother video playback, a QHD+ resolution, the most accurate color accuracy and 4096-level of automatic brightness control, four times of average android flagships.

For more information about OnePlus's latest display, please visit the OnePlus community forum: 

About OnePlus 

OnePlus is a global mobile technology company challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the "Never Settle" mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with premium build quality and high-performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans. For more information, please visit, or follow OnePlus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube. 

PRN: STRATACACHE Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with Hakuhodo DY Holdings to Drive Digital Transformation and Enhance In-Store Retail Engagement Experiences Mon, 13 Jan 2020 09:51:22 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

STRATACACHE Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with Hakuhodo DY Holdings to Drive Digital Transformation and Enhance In-Store Retail Engagement Experiences


DAYTON, Ohio, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading global marketing technology solutions provider STRATACACHE today announced a strategic technology partnership with Hakuhodo DY Holdings, a well-established international marketing, advertising and communications company based in Japan, to jointly develop innovative customer engagement experiences to influence shopper behavior and drive digital transformation.

Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO, pictured with Kyohei Hasegawa and Shinya Tokuhisa of Hakuhodo at NRF 2020: Retail's Big Show.

This partnership comes in the midst of a retail evolution driven by shifting consumer demands, which is seeing more brands and retailers recognizing the value of digital transformation, leveraging advanced marketing technologies to boost in-store sales.

The Hakuhodo DY Group Digital Location Media Business Center brings marketing methods which reflect how "everyday lives are changing as a result of digitalization and technology." STRATACACHE's complementary marketing technology offering includes a full in-house suite of marketing technology hardware, software and services to deliver scalable, personalized customer experiences. Through STRATACACHE's in-house retail analytics platform, Walkbase, retailers are empowered to learn deeply about their customers' shopping preferences and behaviors, allowing for personalized shopper interaction.

The collaborative partnership offers a unique combination of STRATACACHE's digital technology solutions and Hakuhodo DY Holdings's marketing technology capabilities. The groups will conceptualize, develop and test new consumer experience strategies and scalable transformative technology solutions, providing a competitive edge in rethinking retail experiences and revolutionizing experiential retail. Further, the two companies will research new methods to enhance path to purchase marketing and develop best-in-class solutions for retailers, manufacturers and media companies.

Manish Kumar, Managing Director & SVP-APAC of STRATACACHE, said, "This collaboration fits into our strategic regional growth plan, strengthens our continual efforts to better serve our customers and helps to capture the immense potential in Japan and the expansive APAC region."

Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE, added, "At STRATACACHE, we create strategic partnerships to bring digital display, sensor, mobile and emerging technology to market, at scale. STRATACACHE strongly believes in technology innovation and adding value to the in-store experience our customers are delivering to their shoppers by continually enhancing our solution offering. This partnership with Hakuhodo DY Group's robust marketing and solid business networks make our partnership a clear win-win."

"Through this partnership, STRATACACHE is unlocking marketing and media capabilities and the extensive customer base of one of the largest integrated marketing solutions companies in Japan. We've heavily invested in the Asia-Pacific region, which has shown steady growth financially as well as in the retail technology sector. We are proud to partner with Hakuhodo DY Group to bring STRATACACHE's digital activation, personalized retail experiences and the power of in-store analytics to their client base," said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE.

Learn more about STRATACACHE at and more about Hakuhodo DY Holdings at

STRATACACHE delivers in-store retail experience transformation and exceptional customer journeys through a wide array of marketing technology. Our solutions enable retailers to learn deeply about their customers' shopping preferences and behaviors, delivering targeted promotional or task-based messaging on any digital display. With 3 million+ software activations globally, we power the biggest digital networks for the world's largest brands. Across the STRATACACHE family of complementary Marketing Technology solution companies, we have the technology, expertise and track record to bring retail innovation that delivers results. Learn more about the STRATACACHE family at, on Twitter @STRATACACHE or on Facebook.


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PRN: Verizon's Digital Signage Solution Awarded Frost & Sullivan's 2020 Best Practices Award Mon, 13 Jan 2020 09:50:43 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Verizon's Digital Signage Solution Awarded Frost & Sullivan's 2020 Best Practices Award


Chosen over other global digital signage vendors for leadership in innovation

SANTA CLARA, California, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan has awarded Verizon's Digital Signage solution the 2020 Global Product Line Strategy Leadership Award after a comprehensive research analysis of the digital signage market. Verizon's innovative Digital Signage solution is a complete plug-and-play single provider solution that combines hardware, software, and secure connectivity to simplify the delivery of visual communications. Verizon's cost-effective 4G LTE router and media player hardware solution connects to any high-definition HDMI-compatible display or sign over Verizon's fast and reliable 4G network. Customers can manage and deliver campaigns via a campaign management portal, which simplifies implementation and the user experience. Verizon's ecosystem of partner solutions can enhance capabilities with a suite of services to scale-up deployment dramatically.

Photo -

"Verizon's Digital Signage solution is best-in-class for streamlining visual communications in a spectrum of settings such as retail, malls, restaurants, hospitals, college campuses, transit hubs, sports arenas, and concert venues. Verizon creates compelling brand experiences even when Wi-Fi is limited," said Melody Siefken, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "By combining a 4G LTE media player, campaign management portal, high-definition display, and connectivity, Verizon simplifies deployment. Signage administrators can also receive enhanced tools like real-time device alerts, remote screenshots, remote reboots, and companion mobile applications."

Verizon's hardware has all of the components needed to connect directly to a high definition HDMI-compatible display screen. The hardware kit includes an LTE media player with embedded 4G LTE SIM, HDMI cable, USB C power adapter with cable, two LTE antennae, and an optional Wi-Fi antenna and micro USB cable. Verizon's Digital Signage solution is easy to use and eliminates some of the technical challenges, empowering digital signage administrations and lessening the burden on IT teams.

Verizon creates a complete ecosystem that provides 24/7 security of the platform and the transport of data. This capability is highly valuable to industries such as financial services since the digital signage solution typically runs outside of a company's network. In addition, Verizon ports device IDs automatically into the customer portal, which allows administrators to configure the devices before shipment. As digital signage is a relatively new segment, Verizon's plug-and-play offering helps customers purchase and deploy the solution seamlessly without having to deal with multiple supplier contracts and complex licensing models that are difficult to manage.

"When customers are ready to deploy at scale, Verizon's ecosystem of partners enhances its signage solution with supplementary services such as HD display, installation and setup/deployment, content creation, managed services, and financing," noted Siefken. "The user-friendly design, cost efficiency, and versatility of Verizon's digital signage product portfolio have ensured its continued uptake, dramatically reduced its sales cycles, and will ultimately expand its revenue stream."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that develops a comprehensive product line that caters to the breadth of the market it serves. The award recognizes the extent to which the product line meets customer base demands, and the overall impact it has in terms of customer value and increased market share.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

About Frost & Sullivan

For over five decades, Frost & Sullivan has become world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders, and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models, and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success. Contact us: Start the discussion.

Lindsey Whitaker
P: +1 (210) 477-8457

About Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) was formed on June 30, 2000 and is celebrating its 20th year as one of the world's leading providers of communications, information and entertainment products and services. Headquartered in New York City and with a presence around the world, Verizon generated revenues of $130.9 billion in 2018. The company offers voice, data and video services and solutions on its award winning networks and platforms, delivering on customers' demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security and control. 

Najuma Thorpe
P: +1 (732) 427-2304


PRN: Zweispace Starts to Offer Industry Utility Tokens on Bitcoin (BSV), and Utility Token Exchange Platform, Starting From Real Estate and Legal Token for Inheritance Contract Mon, 13 Jan 2020 08:51:03 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Zweispace Starts to Offer Industry Utility Tokens on Bitcoin (BSV), and Utility Token Exchange Platform, Starting From Real Estate and Legal Token for Inheritance Contract


TOKYO, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Zweispace, a blockchain powered PropTech company, located in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Singapore, holds multiple patents around blockchain, started to tokenize the industry specific app utility, starting from real estate and legal professions for inheritance contract. The tokens are on BitcoinSV blockchain.    

Zweispace started selling Zweicoin a real estate industry utility token in Japan, the coin can be consumed to run award winning PropTech apps. It can also be held as almost like stable token but most likely appreciating with more stuff coming in. PropTech apps includes, Robot Architect, "AutoCalc" a maximum profitable property planning with AI support, and Earthquake impact assessment app, "Namazu", developed with experts from a largest construction company. Zweispace is awarded the best PropTech company in 2019, expanding its domain to construction and finance.

Surplus of the money generated by selling Zweicoin is stored in a bank account in Japan, and part of the money will be converted to real estate. The ownership record and rental revenue history will be stored in its patented real estate blockchain system.

Zweispace also announced Zweinote, the real estate backed security type token with a licensed entity, starting from real estate in Tokyo.

Legal profession tokens will be consumable at inheritance advisory system, a legal tech system with expert knowledge for traditional contract generation with cutting edge smart smartcontract capability. Simultaneously,, a Japanese media about trust legal contract, opened, targeting 7 million elders in aging Japan with 13 trillion-dollar financial assets stored in banks with less than 0.1% interest rate.  Members can receive consultation from member lawyers before legal tech generates trust contract on backend system, along with alternative, next generation Inheritance Smart Contract. Practical smart contracts will be introduced to financial industry starting from Japan. This system with media site, will accelerate the contracting process, as Japanese government is encouraging regional banks to do so. This inheritance advisory system "Pitashin" was created wit! h the col laboration of Zweispace and Yasuhiro Ogino, a Shiho-shoshi (solicitor), the expert of inheritance contract and legal tech director at Trust System Security Association. The system is powered by Smart Contract System on ZWEICHAIN, a blockchain Zweispace provides. ZWEICHAIN means two chain in German, a pair of private chain and public chain. For the public chain, Zweispace picked BitcoinSV chain since 2019, the aggressively scaling original bitcoin protocol created and managed by nChain or Satoshi Nakamoto team. The "Legal Token" for this ecosystem, will be tokenized on BitcoinSV chain, same as Zweicoin on BitcoinSV. 

Namazu token is earthquake related tokens for the platform Zweispace forming with large construction companies with support from Japanese cabinet. Earthquake data from Zweispace sensor system will be recorded in its real estate blockchain. Zweispace partner companies and researchers can search and check the immutable records by using ZWC blockchain explorer. The public can check statistical sensor data in the public blockchain recorded by Zweispace system, using blockchain explorer from public internet. Zweispace expects amateur researchers to access the blockchain data with AI program to form prediction models in Japan. Japan has many amateur astronomers significantly contributing to global knowledge of astronomy. Zweispace hopes to encourage amateur planetary scientists, not just its world largest partner construction companies, to come up with AI assisted models to predict the impact of and to prepare fo! r the pot ential 14 trillion-dollar damage to the third largest economy by Nankai Trough earthquake.

Zweispace started to accept crypto for Zweicoin, starting from BitcoinSV, which Zweispace uses for its system. The conversion rate can be checked at a new utility token site. Zweicoin can be purchased on site and is in talks with multiple exchanges for trading including one already integrated.





PRN: Periscope By McKinsey Included in Independent Analyst Firm Report on Retail Planning Providers Mon, 13 Jan 2020 07:50:24 +0100 PR Newswire Turismo PR Newswire Turismo

Periscope By McKinsey Included in Independent Analyst Firm Report on Retail Planning Providers


NEW YORK and LONDON, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Periscope® By McKinsey, which offers a suite of Marketing & Sales Analytics Solutions to help companies achieve sustainable revenue growth, today announced that it has been identified as a 'Large Vendor' and 'Specialist Solution' for Retail Planning in Forrester's 'Now Tech: Retail Planning, Q4 2019' report (December 24, 2019), by George Lawrie. The report provides an overview of 25 Retail Planning Providers to enable application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals to understand the value they can expect from a retail planning provider and select one based on size and functionality. 

According to the report; "You can use retail planning solutions to optimize assortments for each market segment and store cluster by segmenting markets and clustering stores with similar patterns of trade; to forecast and shape demand; and to pre-position fulfilment inventory…Retail planning applications help retailers to create compelling assortments with the right level of availability at prices that foster loyalty, stimulate repeat buying, and increase customer lifetime value."

The report also states that; "Specialist Solutions…help retail merchants, marketers, and supply chain professionals to plan assortments for each customer segment and store cluster and to plan the best pricing, promotions, and orders. By contrast, they provide limited support for pack size optimization, inventory allocation between channels and locations, and visualizing the financial impact of changes in planned assortment. They provide specialist capabilities to support "next best action" decisions around processes like in-season markdown or reallocation of inventory from one location to another."

Brian Elliott, Founder, Senior Advisor & Head of Innovation at Periscope By McKinsey, said; "In retail, it's not just about holding the winning cards, it's also about playing them well to both achieve and sustain revenue and margin growth. As a leader in this space, Periscope's comprehensive approach spans the entire transformation journey, from data management and insights generation to fact-based decision-making and capability building."

He continued: "We're delighted to have been recognised by Forrester in this hugely relevant report. We believe it's further confirmation of the strength of our growing Periscope retail analytics and planning solutions, and the support that we provide medium and large sized retailers around the world on their merchandising and planning challenges."

More information about the Forrester report can be found here. 

About Periscope® By McKinsey  

Founded in 2007, the Periscope® By McKinsey platform combines world-leading intellectual property, prescriptive analytics and cloud based tools with expert support and training. It's a unique combination that drives revenue growth, both now and into the future. The platform offers a suite of Marketing & Sales solutions that accelerate and sustain commercial transformation for businesses. Periscope leverages its world-leading IP (largely from McKinsey but also other partners) and best-in-class technology to enable transparency into Big Data, create actionable insights and new ways of working that drive lasting performance improvement, and typically sustain a 2-7% increase in return on sales (ROS). With a truly global reach, the portfolio of solutions is comprised of: Insight Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Customer Experience Solutions, Category Solutions, Pricing Solutions, P! erformanc e Solutions and Sales Solutions. These are complemented by ongoing client service and custom capability building programs.

To learn more about how Periscope's solutions and experts are helping businesses continually drive better performance, visit

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